Friday, October 22, 2010

SopCast Download - Latest News

A program that will allow you to watch video streams using Bittorrent technology, SopCast combining broadcast media channels and distribution media under one roof, the program to examine the video streaming coming from sources that are dubious. Try to download the lastest program here : SopCast Download

There are three main components of the latest SopCast programs. Live Channels will television channels to stream television from most of China, Japan, and Korea. VoD Channels are videos-on-demand, and MyServer which allows you to broadcast media from your computer to another SopCast users.

SopCast is a simple, free way to broadcast video and audio or watch video and listen to radio on the Internet. Adopting P2P (Peer-to-Peer) technology is very efficient and easy to use.

The SopCast Let people be broadcaster without the costs of a server with large bandwidth. We can build your own TV station as compared to large commercial sites with minimal resources.

And you may embed all SopCast-channels to your site / blog (example here: , just copy-pasting the following code:

<iframe id="SopFrame" name="SopFrame"
frameborder="0" src="
channel/getchlist.iframe.html" width="800"
height="350" scrolling="no">
The browder doesn't support iframe.</iframe>

Okay, Learn more and Download Latest SopCast program at www.sopcastSopCast .com

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