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Controversy according to The Minister of Culture and Tourism about Island of Komodo

The following a brief information and some reasons about the controversy on the island of komodo and its relation with the 7 wonders of the world election

Metrotvnews.com: The Indonesian government invited the New7Wonders Foundation, write off the island of Komodo from the list of finalists seven wonders of the world.

Minister of Culture and Tourism Jero Wacik said the foundation is not transparent in the assessment and only business-oriented. He asserted that Indonesia would not lose if Komodo Island failed to be seven wonders of the world.

Jero said the New7Wonders Foundation offers Indonesia as the host of the final announcement of the seven wonders of the world which will take place 11 November 2011. However, the foundation filed their weight requirements. Government asked to pay money of U.S. $ 10 million.

“The requirements of heavy. We have to pay U.S. $ 10 million to host the final announcement. That’s not including the cost of providing U.S. $ 35 million. In total we should spend is U.S. $ 45 million or about Rp400 billion. My count is calculated, not worth Rp 400 billion to be issued a host that is not necessarily to win, “Jero said when met at the Presidential Office in Jakarta, Wednesday (2 / 2).

Because refused, continued Jero, the foundation threatened to strike Komodo from the list of finalists. Write-off decisions will be issued on 7 February. According to Jero, the threat was absurd. Because, if Indonesia should refuse to host, there is no reason the foundation is crossed out Komodo.

“Because I can not, they say, if Indonesia does not want to host, Komodo Island can be deleted. Nationalism I got up too. Period threatened threatened by non-governmental organizations that are not clear. Should be, if we refuse, there are other countries that could be the host, “he said.

“Do not worry lah. If it’s true Komodo Island crossed out, we’ve got the advantage. The island is increasingly popular. Since heralded in 2007, an increase in visitors of nearly 400%. In 2007, the number of visitors about 27 thousand people. In 2010, an increase in visitors that as many as 90 thousand people, “he added.

Jero said he never asked how many voters so Komodo can enter the ranks of 28 large. However, the question was never answered by the New7Wonders Foundation.

“I’ve also been asked, Komodo Island is located in what order, but never answered, too. The Foundation is not transparent. Even if we struck, the government remains committed to promoting the island of Komodo, “he said. (MI / DSY)

Replies from the new 7 Wonders

by Eamonn Fitzgerald
There were some press reports about the investment aspects of the New7Wonders Official Host, which is not true and has not been verified by New7Wonders.

Regarding this statement reported "New7Wonders asked the government to pay U.S. $ 45m", please note the following. New7Wonders never asked the government to pay anything, the Indonesian state has offered the opportunity to invest in the Official New7Wonders Host. New7Wonders is a contract with the private sector, not the government. If the government wants to support the Official New7Wonders Hosts opportunity, like saying you’d like, then the commitment in the range of only U.S. $ 10 million, in exchange for hundreds of millions of promotional value to Indonesia.

In the New7Wonders continue the spirit of transparency, here are the full details with the correct number of New7Wonders Official Host. It’s based on a legally binding contract signed by the New7Wonders by Consortium of Private.

1. The license fee for exclusive rights to be Official Host: Private consortium offered U.S. $ 10 million, which is received by the New7Wonders. Culture and Tourism Ministry is fully aware of this figure, and has been for several months, and based on public statements made in the media and in writing, this is something that promised to support. This is also why the private consortium signed a legally binding contract with New7Wonders.

2. Production costs and venue hire, paid by a private consortium, about U.S. $ 10 million (this amount may change depending on the ambition of the event organizer and state). Most of these are invested back into Indonesia’s production services company, which is good for the country. It is financed by sponsors and other supporters, as well as additional revenue shared by the New7Wonders with a private consortium like the sound of the phone. This is a whole produce profits for private consortium, thus creating economic value in the country.

It has been estimated that the value of the benefits of the Official New7Wonders Host in Indonesia, in terms of promotion, marketing image and brand value, ranging from more than $ 200 million to more than U.S. $ 1 billion, depending on the calculation criteria.

It has also been published that wins is the magic value of more than U.S. $ 5 billion in economic benefits and tourims.

Commenting on the release of information by the New7Wonders transparent, Eamonn Fitzgerald, a spokesman, said, “We really do understand that certain government departments may decide to withdraw from their previous promises, and not doing their part to support this. It is their decision to make, fully aware of the consequences.

He continued: "Evidence shows that there is a legally binding contract between the New7Wonders and Private Consortium in Indonesia, and this contract is not respected. Unless the contract is respected, or another group took over the obligation of contract, or the government and the private sector decided to work together to accomplish this, the New7Wonders not safe to operate legally in Indonesia and forced to withdraw all its activities."

"If the government and all other parties are trying to find a solution to this, without trying to justify any doubts before with false number, then the way forward is there, and the New7Wonders continues to remain committed to a quick and positive solution," he concluded .


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  1. The new7wonders foundation doesn't have any relationship with the UN. So it is a waste of time and money to get to the first place in there poll.


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