Monday, January 10, 2011

How to make money online from, using, with twitter

There is one more program to make money through the internet, this time I'll explain a little information about how to make money through twitter. Previously, I had published about how to make money online via facebook

How to make money from twitter is via some money maker programs on twitter, websites that connects advertisers with tweeters. In general, the main requirement is that we have registered a twitter account and must have many followers. besides that we also need to have as many as 100 status updates. So, if it has met these requirements, the method is very easy, example just joined a few money tweeter programs, such as the following:
We get paid to display ads from the advertiser via our tweets, the price per ad depending on the number of our followers.
Same as sponsoredtweet above, the requirement of pay per tweet, at least have 50 followers and a minimum payment/payout is $.50

Another twitter advertising programs to make real money for you, check out and learn more at these links: , ,

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