Thursday, November 26, 2009

Make money online via facebook - Monetizing FB applications

make money from facebookNow I try to share a Facebook applications that I'm sure you can use to earn a livelihood rather than just write status,like displaying a photo and reply to comments. In essence you can have fun while making real money ... is not it even more fun.

On your Facebook profile page in fact you can display and sell goods. Whether it could be music, T-shirts, Gadgets, and others. And that's all you can do with a little capital even without the capital altogether.

Below I try to share a variety of Facebook applications that might be reference for you. So please take advantage of the best services below.

Music Blaster
An application that works with BlastMyMusic. You simply promote musical acts and get 5% commission from sales of their music

Pretty much everyone has heard of CafePress, and with this Facebook app you can start selling whatever you have on your store via your profile.

e3buy Auction
Works with the e3buy auction site so you can add auctions to your profile as well as open a store.

I think you all familiar with the most popular auction site in the world "ebay", highlight anything you’re selling on eBay to your friends on Facebook.

Are you a musician? Want to sell your own music on your profile? This is the application for you.

Garage Sale
In association with, Garage Sale allows you to sell your items to your friends, like that box of old books, your bike, etc.

Works just like it’s parent site, Pick items you like from a selection of sites, add the widget to your profile, make a commission on anything that sells

About the opportunity to monetize applications was a result of Facebook’s decision to allow developers to display unlimited advertisements. On par with advertising as a source of income, some developers, have come to prefer the use of affiliate links (finding leads for eBay, Amazon, etc) instead. Part of the reason is that Facebook does not allow developers to embed JavaScript within their code, hence making it difficult to enable Google Adsense for the content. Moreover, as is the case with MySpace, contextual advertising is not targeted enough to earn sizable revenues. Another method to get money, you may try this: Win real money playing online slots at , I think that's a simple way also...if you like..


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