Saturday, September 3, 2011

The lightest browsers - fast and reliable

Surely you are familiar with popular web browsers such as firefox, google chrome, internet explorer, opera, etc. But I don't know, whether those browsers are fast enough and light do you think?

Follows are two other browsers as alternatives, if you are still not satisfied with the above well-known browsers.

  1. Arora browser is one of open source web browsers using webkit engine, which is actually the same as used by Google and Safari. What distinguishes Arora with others, its ability to work with various systems such as Linux, Windows, OS X, FreeBSD, etc.. - Arora emergence begins when Cabonical make the application as the default web browser in Kubuntu 9.10. in addition, Arora also has features that correspond with the development trends of today are greatly facilitate users in making surfing fun on the internet without storing personal data into the hard disk, like private browsing, full page zoom, etc.. Arora is also known is the lightest browsers so it is very helpful for loading and boating pages of a website. - Download Arora Browser
  2. SlimBrowser is also the lightest known because only a small capacity only 3 MB. Appearance of the browser is almost like Internet Explorer but has more luxury features, but the difference SlimBrowser has a high security level, so it's hard to be cracked. Its features are also very rich so SlimBrowser was spoiling its loyal users. - Download SlimBrowser

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