Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Celebrate Holidays in Russia

celebrate holidays in russiaCelebrate Holidays in Russia - Russia also has several holidays just like any other countries in the world. However, you will find several differences on how Russian people enjoy their holiday. The difference is that the holiday in Russia is last long. The people even prepare for the holiday at least a day before the D-day arrives.

The Russian people usually get two or three free days to enjoy their holiday, or sometimes more. In other countries, most shops, groceries, or supermarket are close during the holiday, while in Russia, you will find them keep open throughout the holiday, and open until late evening. Russian people also never mind about business during their holiday. So never come up with business plan during the holiday.

During the holiday, traffic is not as crowded as regular days. This condition is quite good for foreigners who want to travel around the city.

There are nine official holidays in Russia. However, Russian people find no reason needed to celebrate their special day.

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