Friday, May 4, 2012

Google Zerg Rush - Easter Egg Game

Now, Google re-experimenting with its new easter egg game, At this time with the Zerg Rush theme. This is an arcade game to shoot aliens who want to destroy the Google search results page.

By using google chromebrowser or mozilla firefox, open google and type "Zerg Rush" , here:

The Easter egg refers to the StarCraft game that made ​​by Blizzard, the developer of World of Warcraft game. In the Starcraft game, there are three types of occupants, the Protoss, Terran, and zerg. Zerg is an alien nation. The Zerg has a unique force called "Zergling" is a small alien is a small alien whose job attacking enemy buildings in groups.

If a player has the Zergling troops in large numbers and attack towards the enemy barrage, then this is called "Zergling Rush". There is also a game site called Zerg Rush, where players will be placed in the middle of a location that is surrounded on all sides Zerlgings. Players must retain the area as an easter egg in this game.

So, how to play this Zerg Rush game? After you typing the "Zerg Rush " in the Google search box, you will be faced with a bunch of aliens in the form of the letter "O" [it's looks like the Opera browser logo]

Your job is to protect the google search results of alien attacks, the "O". Point your mouse pointer and click at them many times to destroy them. The "O" Force will try to destroy every part of the google search page, including on the left menu.

So? Are you ready to try this exciting game? Type "zerg rush" in Google and start your fight against those Zerg Aliens!

How to play this Zerg Rush,Video

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