Monday, December 15, 2008

Busby SEO Test promotion-ing blog without shame

Busby SEO Test girlIt's i will share some tips to you're blogger about a way to promotioning your blogs without shame feeling , that's keep enjoyed coz these 're just cool tips.

coz anyways,tips about promotioning blog or website was many studied by others tutorial sites, among others its concerning SEO,Blogger tutorials, forum communities, or related web contents. As interval so that to relaxive, here's I will lay open the promotion ideas blog or website, really profligacy but fun, What's that?

-Insert URL ( address) your web-blog in SMS

For example, if your friend sending SMS:
Hi, so long time why you don't give me the news or miss calls or SMS or whether do you've forget with me

Your answer:

Didn't forget my dear, i'm still busy to write some articles about Busby SEO Test in my blog, did you know that's Busby SEO Test, wow there's wonderfull event.
If you online don't forget to open my blog ,Okay..kind regards

- Disseminating stickers
Many students especially boys usually like the stickers, proven in each every bed sitting room or at his door usually many patched stickers. So why don't test-ing make the promotion stickers with your blog-web address and divide up for students? Most certainly, they will paste up it & don't throw away our sticker, rgwy will patched in door, cupboard;locker, or desk. If in disseminating to child like student of child or elementary school , they will paste up it in his friend back...weww..

-Cooperation with tattoo makers

Cooperation with tattoo makers, offering the people will be made the tattoo care with our web address, make the free for them, we who pay for

-Assort tshirt for passengers of bus or builder coolie or pedicab worker

Isn't usually they working with tshirt ,if we divide free tshirt with write down our web-blog address to them ,So surely will be weared and many peoples seeing isn't it? But the tshirt that's must good and properly weared ,Ok.

-Give name the child

If you have the daughter, give her name with ,example : Seo Michele , Cindy Seo Challenge , Jennifer Free-7, Lilik Black Vista
If a son ,give his name with : Blogger Silverstone , Tom Javascript Tutorials , Michael Blog Tips ,Busby Seo Saputra..ect.

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