Thursday, December 18, 2008

Busby SEO Test X

Some x factor about Busby SEO Test , it's analysing from 7 days after i've running up this busby challenge:

Busby SEO Test luck in advance started
Busby SEO Test ingenuity in shooting keyphrases
Busby SEO Test cleverness compiling keyword
Busby SEO Test discipline in updating link and all contents
Busby SEO Test correctness in finding mistakes or bugs

Step early starting SEO
Most elementary matter to be always in considering to become the guidance in applying SEO is that amongnames url - title - description - keyword-tag- content articles are ideally to correlate or connect .so,for example name url: , title: tips ngeblog , description : corps tips and trik blog , then make content in around way make blog in blogspot or wordpress , then that contents most maximaum and ideal of his strength in search engine algorithm .Busby SEO Test and when this elementary matter have been comprehending and always to be guidance,then the nice word has said" Early good is half succeed" , means we have 50% having the opportunity to be successful in develope the web -blog, and at phase continue is remaining completion of technique be like choosing and compile the interestingness contents and applying of technique keyword. Yes, thus here do step early and do continuation step is 50% - 50%.

Busby SEO Test all important Second matter is selection of keyword , don't in suggesting to choose keyword by guess (tebak-tebakan) but do the investigation or real survey by information analysis accurately or use the program keyword research like google adwords, wordtracker , to know the emulation level and also keyword the relevantness with our contents. The mistakes from choosing keyword can cause would be wrong all promotion directions from our contents , enough fatal and can heavy and difficult to develop up to the purpose of our.blogging more than anything else in racing Busby SEO test x be like this time now.

Busby SEO Test will be fleeting glimpses after the end of this SEO game and anything results will be gains the nice experiences to my blogger test x likes this time now.

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