Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Download internet explorer 8 - ie 8

download ie 8After passing beta version for almost one year, today Microsoft officially released the Internet Explorer 8 . The Internet Explorer 8 were believed that could give the experience browsing that was faster and had the the security level  more better than the old version of IE .

Why choose IE..?

The Internet Explorer had the biggest user were caused built-in to Microsoft Windows ,The expertise from IE especially in compatibility was full in JavaScript, than other browsers, like Opera,Firefox, google chrome.. ,about the Few lacks of IE, was in used of memory for the system internal need, like update and others.., Moreover in windows in "reservable bandwidth" asked for 20% of the bandwidth was used, to maximise this could read my other posting ,here: fasterfox download.

IE  also too many gave the features was non public users, like ActiveX that where giving the wider access right so as to have the possibility could misused ,.... For old version of IE  often had problems with the table design and overflow the text In the web design development, but since version 7 till now IE 8 has being good and perfect like firefox or opera , and just to tell you once again that IE was the browser with full compatibility with javaScript than another browser.

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