Saturday, March 28, 2009

Download Opera 10.0 Alpha

opera alpha 10.0
Now the Fastest browser OPERA launches the newest version that is Opera 10.0 Alpha . This newest version certainly had the better capacity than the old version beforehand.

What’s new in Opera 10.0 Alpha..?

Inline spell-check
Write freely in your Facebook wall, blog or web mail. Opera 10 alpha underlines any misspelled words so you can express yourself without reservation.

Opera 10 alpha makes it easier than ever to stay up to date with the latest version.

E-mail your way
Depending on your personality or mood, use full HTML formatting or just plain text in your e-mails. Either way Opera Mail has your back.

Why Choose the Opera..?

If I want to download or upload my files, then I use opera because with opera, my download and upload process was more stable and fast.

Opera was a long history of innovation in browsing technology and still maintains a leading position with many unique and powerful features . This makes browsing a much better web experience.

Mozzila Firefox  if has in optimizing  settings  also good and fast, but for the process of download and upload the opera was better. 

Check out below:

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