Tuesday, February 2, 2010

How to reset windows7 account (user) password through bootable disk

Perhaps among us have experienced forgotten passwords of the windows7 , Here we will discuss about how to reset the account password on our windows. because to crack and reset the password for WinXP or Vista has a lot of method, so I choose only the latest windows, that's windows 7 ultimate

We will use "trinity rescue kit 3.3". This tool is linux-based , bootable, can be used to reset password of windows-7, vista, and xp. trinity rescue kit 3.3 can be downloaded for free at http://trinityhome.org

Ok, let's reset the password!

  1. After download , burn ISO trinity to be bootable disk , you can with a CD or usb disk / flashdisk , for the purposes of making bootable usb-disk, you can use UNetbootin
  2. Boot through trinity-bootable you created earlier.. then check the user password will be reset. can be seen when in the windows login page. Choose "user name" (user-account) where the password it will be reseted.

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