Monday, August 2, 2010

Twitter tools that may be useful

12 twitter tool freePerhaps with the following tools can be more easily manage your twitter activities...

1.One. FriendOrFollow.
You can follow a lot of people in your niche but there are a few of them who don't follow back to you. So, with this tool you can find anyone who doesn't follow you back

With this tool you can find anyone who had stopped as your followers.

3. Just Tweet It.
If you prefer to follow people who they on the same niche with you, this tool can be used to it and is very easy to use.

4. WeFollow.
Tool to find people with similar interests through the keywords entered.

5. Who Should I Follow.
I really liked this tool to find the same people in my niche.

6. Twit This.
If you are a blogger and want readers to retweet your posts, this tool can provide retweet button on your blog.

7. TwitPic.
With this tool you can share your pictures anytime you want.

8. TwitterFox.
Is a Firefox extension that can be used to update your status without visitting the Twitter site.

9. Tweet Later.
With this tool you can send your Tweet you at later times, record a message, keywords and much more.

10. Twitoria.
This tool will telling anyone who had been inactive in the twitter world, so you can unfollow them.

11. Twitblocker.
If you have friends who always tweets and make you uncomfortable, with this tool you can dismiss without unfollow them.

12. Twitter Gallery.
At the site you can get a lot of background themes to your Twitter account and very easy to use.

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