Tuesday, October 26, 2010

iTunes 10 download released

iTunes 10 download for windowsiTunes is Apple's media player application which was originally released for the Mac OS but the latter are also available from iTunes for Windows OS. ITunes 10 now was released, it is clear that nothing has changed in Cupertino. Apple still give iTunes their customers a setup program that didn't monolithic with the option to pick and choose based on your specific needs.

What's new in the iTunes 10 ?, Which obviously Apple do a little update from the iTunes logo, and replace the logo of a CD with musical notes that the previous logo appeared on the old version of itunes.

Interestingly, in this version there is a new feature named Ping, this is a social networking application that integrates with iTunes 10 and can be used to follow-on favorite celebrities and information about them but can also be used to share music files with friends.

With the presence of the iTunes Ping service, this will be a competitor to Facebook, considering that currently there are a lot of iTunes users around the world and iTunes Ping will be a serious competitor to Facebook.

Visit the Apple site to get the latest version of iTunes 10 , here : iTunes 10 download

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