Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Google Backbone Hacked Caused IE Holes

google hackedProved, causes broken Google 's backbone infrastructure is a weakness in Internet Explorer browser of Microsoft, according to the Federal Office for Information Security, or which is known in the German version, BSI.

Even European governments suggested that browser users to stop using it because of security holes that can be easily exploited by hackers, as evidenced by the attack to the Google Inc (Google Hacked the Chinese Hackers) and other companies.

According to some agencies of Germany and France informed that at least a computer user can switch to alternative browsers, including the suggested form of the IE competitors, namely Opera Software ASA, which has a number of users 18.000 users per day in Germany, while in France is not known.

The recommendation by the French agency(CERTA) will still continue as long as there is no correction from Microsoft.

However, Microsoft did not agree with the recommendation of that alternative browsers, and advised users to upgrade to the latest version,Internet Explorer 8. Microsoft says that the malicious code created in the old versions of IE ,that's IE6.

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  1. This problem only occur in Internet Explorer, So this maybe the fault of Microsoft.


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